Archive contains version 2. Windows 98 , Windows ME , Windows Locate installed version of Digital Performer 3. Please refer to update notes for improvements. Not for use with UltraLite mk3. Archive will unstuff with Stuffit Expander 5. How to determine which MTP hardware you have.

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• Ultralite Hybrid MIDI not found on Snow Leopard

If you own a MOTU virtual instrument or any other iLok-based product, be sure to download and install the very latest iLok software installer from paceap. This demo runs for 30 days after initial mtou.

Windows Vista bitWindows Vista bit. For example, you may discover ultrralite a crucial third-party component of your system, such as an effects plug-in, is not yet compatible with Snow Leopard.

Windows MEWindows Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. This installer updates an original UltraLite to firmware version 1. This update console adds Quicklock support as well as display improvements.


FastLane Tech Notes

This is a maintenance update of AudioDesk 2. Use this version if you are using Panther This install requires a full install and authorization of DP4 version 4. You do not need it because mou is already included as part of the latest DP install version 7 or higher.

It also requires Interlok Extensions, included with installer. Update profile list includes: New Features in DP 7. Windows 98Windows MEWindows This is a maintenance update to DP 2.

This is an update version of AudioDesk 2. This is a maintenance update to version 2.

Unstuff with Expander version 7. If you don’t already have them, you can download the latest updaters here. Version also contains maintenance firmware updates for the Traveler.

Not for use with UltraLite mk3. Use this version if you are using Panther This install requires a previous install and authorization of AudioDesk 2.

– FastLane Tech Notes

Please refer to the 2. Users browsing this forum: Demo version does not save files and restricts print capabilities.


This install is an updater that requires a full install of DP 3. This is an update of AudioDesk 2. This version will not work with other devices. So anyone can download MX4 and immediately enjoy using a new, full-functioning virtual instrument in their studio.

MOTU audio interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools 9

An update of UviX and Interlok Extensions will also install. Also, we recommend reviewing the DP 5. If you need to download a software updaterlog in with your motu.