Originally Posted by alphanumeric A driver is more than just a program, and I have seen Windows 7 64 bit reject 32 bit drivers. Kensington supports its most recently sold hardware due to legal and liability requirements? Saturday, December 17, 1: Googling for the device shows that there’s a half-dozen buttons across the top of the device. Interesting comment on the 3 different camps that use trackballs, all of which are understandable. Thu Oct 01, 8: I have uninstalled everything and am just going to have to get used to this terrible system.

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I was fortunate in being able to find a version of Kensington Mouseworks 6. If you’re not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started. I had the same thing.

Kensington mouseworks vista download

About every 3 weeks, the settings would revert back to the defaults, and the only way I could figure out to change them was a re-install. Finally everything was brought to life after I plugged it into USB3 port that I was deliberately avoiding saving it for storage devices. I had some issues with freeze-ups at work and they gave me a link to a newer version than they had listed on their site, but I think this one is probably the latest one since it was posted last month.


So in essence you are reversing the buttons twice in the Windows dialogs. The only trackball-using freak I know is my cousin, and her Logitech Mouseman just plain worked when I plugged it into her laptop after installing Windows 7 RTM. Similar help and support threads. So, uh, standard hardware for the win? Congrats on finding your solution.

I installed MouseWorks 6. Hard Drives Western Ddigital. All the buttons and wheels work and the Trackman is older than your Kensington. Aug 28, Posts: In addition, you can set the buttons to represent hotkeys in specific applications by using the “Simulated Keys undefined ” command provided in the list of commands for each button. I’ve been somewhat looking forward to moving from Windows XP to Windows 7.

And by the way…you are incorrect. Join overother people just like you!

Kensington Mouseworks now works OK | Vista Forums

It installed and everything works perfectly. I figured that I would be able to solve this problem by installing Mouseworks 6. That’s fine most of the time, but, oddly, there are some not all, and I haven’t yet worked out a pattern programs where the change is not recognised, and I have to press the visra button.

So, right now, my little front button thinks it is number 3, not number 4 and vice versa. Kensington got considerable grief and rightly so in my mousework when Vista came out for not providing driver support for this mouse in Vista.


Originally posted by reset: I should have specified which OS I was using. While rooting around in Google for an answer I came oensington a post on this forum by derekge dated saying he had a workaround that worked for him.

My Windows user account is an “administrator”. Well, it looks like your diligence in finding something that works paid off.

Kensington mouseworks vista

I roll the trackball with it too. Vidta support for newer OSs? Won’t it work with just a generic mouse driver like every other mouse I’ve ever used? I realize that you don’t have the same trackball that I do, and that this may not work, but I would give it a try at the very least.

The usb wireless function works but with limited functions. I do not install drivers for my Logitech ‘s or Trackman Marble Wheels either for Win7, and can not remember the last time I did maybe win2k.

The only trackball-using freak I know is my cousin while a funny piece of a sentence, people who use trackballs aren’t freaks.