Page 10 Page 11 About this guideThis guide provides information about: When the destination entry is correct, select Execute Clean. When you select Display Trace, the log will display through the browser. Your choice takes effect the next time you boot the library. The firmware update FUP tape must be in the mail slot beforebeginning this operation. Page 50 you can manually open the magazine doors by pushing a small metal pin or paper clip into themechanical releases see Figure

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FIncompatible image The uploaded firmware image is notcompatible with the library hardware,and is possibly an older firmwareversion.

Sections in storageworjs chapter include: Table 7 on page 68 lists and describes the available options. Ultrium and SDLT tape drives require special cleaning cartridges and data cartridgesformatted specifically for the drive technology. The regulatory model number can be found on theproduct nameplate label, along with all required approval markings and information.

Ensure that the libraryis idle before attempting to perform any remote operations that will take the library offline. Page 6 Class B equipment.


HP StorageWorks Msl6000 Series Tape Library 331558-001

Page 87 FunctionsThe Functions pages present button-and-browser controls of selectable files. Do not use cartridges with: FiguresLibrary tape drive locations.

On theresulting confirmation screen see Figure 30press OK to save. HistoryClick History to list files that you can display or download.

Unexpected state or hardware status. In theevent of host failure, you can restore media access by cycling the library power. Connect the library diagnostic port to the PC using the supplied cable assembly. This function should be usedas a last resort to retrieve a cartridgefrom a drive.

Storaggeworks picker jammed during a bin stowoperation. Figure 46 Cartridge map screen two-drive model shown OnlineSelecting this option places the library online or offline.

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Compressed capacity assumes a 2: Febr uar y Incremental steps are set by adjusting the Msl60000 contrast controls from the library Status screen. Reserved slots may be incompatible with some application software. Collect the following information before calling: The default is Disabled.

If the backup application is running,update the application cartridge map. The misuse and misunderstanding of bar code technology can result in backup andrestore failures. Page 81 Figure 66 Remote Management Interface main screen3.


Press the Startbutton to begin the test and the Stopbutton end to end the test. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protectionagainst harmful interference in a residential installation. Library Display Screens and OptionsThe library GUI touch screen displays graphics and text characters in the form of easy-to-understandmessages.

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Page 50 you can manually open the magazine storagewrks by pushing a small metal pin or paper clip into themechanical releases see Figure Figure 21 Drive 0 bus ID screenb. CElectrostatic DischargeTo prevent damage to the system, be aware of the precautions you need to follow when setting upthe system or handling parts. Page Page Page TablesDocument conventions. Cleaning operation failed because thelibrary could not retrieve drive status.