If i disable the soundcard and enable it again works for a amount of time, and then crashes again. I should add that something similar happened when I upgraded to Vista. I’ve been listening to music all day and playing guitar and nothing happened so i guess my issue was related to BETA drivers which are version 1. Monday, May 18, 3: EMU is still down

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Yes it will work thanks!

Usv, February 28, Here is what I found: Wednesday, April 28, 4: Which makes my card pretty unusable at the moment. This is solid information, thanks!

Tuesday, November 3, 6: We don’t have enough information on how the device operates. Hopefully Creative will be able to do something for us. Only the English version of the Owner’s manual is included in the distribution. I have a Changed type Mark L.

EMU 0404 USB 2.0 Audio Driver Problem In Preview Build 10041

We do not have an official release date, but are tracking the issues closely and will notify our users via our newsletter and website as soon as we commit to a new release. Luckily I installed the latest drivers from EMU and had Patchmix set to 48kHz because that’s the way my audiofiles come in at.


I am using the analog output, haven’t yet tested the optical and the others. Friday, January 8, 9: Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: Send a private message to Smurf. I installed the latest version on Vista and it was a mess. This installer will automatically uninstall any older versions of software before installing the new version. Saturday, August 15, 4: EMU is still down Since this problem began I have changed ALL my hardware for other reasons and the same problem exists.

It does not require that you had previously installed the software from an original CD, but only that your system meets the minimum requirements.

EMU USB Audio Driver Problem In Preview Build – Microsoft Community

I’ve even tried running the software driver from Emu’s website, but am getting an error that says “Setup is unable to detect a supported device on your system” I never had this problem when running Vista Home Ultimate on my Udb prior to upgrading and have even tried uninstalling the drivers from the Device Manager.


Friday, May 1, 7: However, i was having different issue on windows 8.

Sintifela Replied on April 23, ATM Build is rock solid on my machine. I’ve noticed with mine, it’s application specific.

I am assuming the will have a similar setup. Ironically, any time I’m creating a track, I do not get distortion in my apps Reaper, Fruity Loopsalthough, FL does like to take a dump on me randomly. Nice to know I’m not alone. Wednesday, February 4, 7: After several hours I came back to my pc and started playing a track in VLC and soon it started to distort then I got a BSOD ‘A clock interrupt was not usn on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval.

I will readily admit that I am not very skilled or knowledgeable at all regarding the soundcard even though I’ve owned it and been using it to record music for a few years. Find More Posts by Smurf.