Two flip-down panels conceal the Artisan’s only built-in controls. Microsoft’s assault on the living room has been more of a trickle than a stampede, but manufacturers are slowly catching on to the fact that determination is not enough — this is a battle of stealth. If there’s not enough room in your current setup you’ll have to factor a different stand into the cost. The small form factor Mac Mini costs less than ever, but isn’t as flexible as other Macs. It sits comfortably enough on the lap, but the human lap has never been the ideal place to type from.

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You can also burn audio CDs. With 10 speakers and a terrific display, this all-in-one offers a lot to appeal to the The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Video output is supplied wrtisan coaxial, VGA, S-video or DVI outputs, which essentially means that if you have a screen, the Artisan can display video on it.

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Elonex Artisan LX (GB, Intel Pentium 4, 3GHz, MB) PC Desktop – ARTISANLX | eBay

We’ve changed, we promise. We’ve never been fans of tray-loading CD drives in living-room appliances — there’s too much risk of a child snapping off the tray elnoex but Elonex has chosen to install one in the Artisan. Before you buy it you’ll have to consider whether you want it to cooperate with your Sky Digibox.

For basic Web navigation it’s tolerable, but type for any extended length of time and you’ll want to use a table to rest on. While the innards of the Artisan aren’t much different from those of any other Media Center PC, Elonex has made a respectable effort to dress the Artisan for the occassion. The Artisan may resemble a VCR, but it takes up significantly more room than its venerable predecessor.


The LXD version is our recommendation because it can receive Freeview. Navigating through the slick interface with the bundled remote control is straightforward and the software displays future television programmes on a friendly looking timetable.

Two flip-down aryisan conceal the Artisan’s only built-in controls. What sets the Artisan slightly above many of its competitors is the tight integration between this generic software and the hardware. Sound is taken care of by a Dolby Digital 7. This means that the control panels on the front of the Artisan are a sparse affair.

Elonex Artisan LX (200GB, Intel Pentium 4, 3GHz, 512MB) PC Desktop – ARTISANLX

New components under the hood e,onex for a faster iMac. Provided you have your television aerial plugged into the rear of the Artisan, it takes a few minutes for the software to detect available channels. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Compare These Apple iMac inch, The Bottom Line The Artisan looks and feels like it belongs in the living room.

Elonex Artisan LX PC Desktop – Customized

Our review model didn’t come with a mouse, so you’ll have to purchase one separately or use the remote control. Looks run in the family now, but the edition of the Envy Curved All-in-One 34 has To us, this slonex like a lot of hassle for very little reward.


Windows is not ideally suited to switching monitors and resolutions on the fly, but Elonex has made some wise component choices that make this relatively painless.

Because of a good choice of components and in spite of Windows XP Media Center Edition’s temperamental behaviour with some video outputs, the Artisan pulls through. We got the machine hooked up to our TV just a few minutes after prising it out of the box.

With super-premium parts, this elones both the fastest, and most expensive, VR-ready PC we’ve But nevertheless, the Artisan sparkles in a club that has few endearing members.

Performance Thanks to some carefully considered heat sinks and cooling routes, the Artisan is very quiet. Design The Artisan’s nondescript cardboard package disgorges the system unit — a heavy xxmm metal box — plus a remote control and wires.

This is more than adequate for PVR tasks and entry-level gaming.

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From the front, the Artisan does a convincing impression of a home appliance, but the rear is a mass of connections. Our review model came with a Pentium 4 processor, MB of memory and a Gb hard disk. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Once a Media Center is up and running, the look and feel of the software is generic.