Brody Kenneth Chenault Michael L. It also performs the same function for the state of any associated application cursors. That is, SQL only recognizes sets of data, not individual rows. This flexibility is valuable when supporting static and dynamic SQL created at different times in different contexts. This IKM creates a temporary staging table to stage the data flow. The Open View window lets you examine the view contents in detail, and is a convenient way to browse the view columns Figure 2.

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The runstats utility can be used to update statistics in system catalog tables to facilitate the query optimization process. In this stage, the syntax of the SQL statement is validated and the statement is broken down into its component pieces. Dub Universal Database version 5 continued IBM’s new direction of using a common code base to support Db2 on different platforms, while incorporating the shared nothing features of Db2 Parallel Edition dh2 support large data warehousing databases.

Here are two more examples:. Bring together distributed information from heterogeneous environments.

This flexibility is valuable when supporting static and dynamic SQL created at different times in different contexts. A set of catalog tables and views is created whenever dub database is created.

View image at full size. This script is then executed by the CLP and automatically deleted at the end of the execution. The drivers automatically create and bind packages on DB2 UDB and also allow the user to modify these packages. DB2 development continued on mainframe platforms as dub as on distributed platforms.


The end result of precompilation is a modified version of the source file and the extracted SQL statements and variables. The catalog tables can be classified into broad categories based on the type of data that they store.

What’s DB2 UDB?

Uvb DB2 Wire Protocol driver does not work properly unless packages exist on every server to which you intend to connect. They also use a more optimized access path based on current database statistics. The initial udg connection to a particular server may take a few minutes because of the number and size of the packages that must be created on the server.

You can use the system catalog views to retrieve information about the dependencies that objects have on one another. Roman Melnyk Published on November 02, Ud execution, ub section entry contains information about the current status of any section associated with it. It is maintained separately from the data itself. You can build individual queries or scripts to do this, or you can easily access the views through the DB2 Control Center.

This stage is referred to as Semantics; it is responsible for supplementing the basic QGM graph with the additional information required for items like referenced views, triggers activated by the statement, and constraints affecting the statement. The catalog tables grow as database objects and privileges are added to the database. Watson — Thomas Watson Jr. See Trademarks for appropriate markings.

A section entry contains information about the SQL statement itself and about the context in which the SQL statement was found in the application. QGM provides a concise and flexible representation of a statement.


Db2 (Formerly Db2 for LUW) – Wikipedia

A SQL statement deals with a specific result set or target set; a set can consist of any number of rows and is treated as a whole by SQL. Its job is to parse the application source to find any SQL statements and host variables, remove them, and then replace them in the source file with function calls and variables suitable to the programming language being used.

If there are problems connecting or creating the packages, an appropriate error message appears.

DB2 Basics Stay tuned for additional content in this series. By removing the levels of abstraction provided by SQL, a section can ensure the best performance during the execution of the statement. When an object is created, altered, or dropped, the database manager inserts, updates, or deletes rows in the catalog tables that describe the object and its relationships to hdb objects.

If you change default values in a data source before connecting with the driver for the first time, the new defaults are used when creating the packages. Inserts and updates are done in bulk set-based processing to maximize performance. If you do not have these privileges, someone that has a user ID with DBA privileges needs to create packages sb2 connecting with the driver.