Download Realtek HD Audio 2. If I wanted to use this for Ventrillo, or Skype, or something, I would not want it recording Hz for simple voice crap. Did you try custom driver for asus? Will Try redoing the audio driver but I have zero issues with the speakers. It’s located on the top right section of the app and is under the settings gear icon. Sign In Sign Up.

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Depending on the distribution, linux doesn’t even require you to do anything at all – just turn on the system and sound works. Download Realtek HD Audio 2.

Drivers Notebook ASUS: Asus F3 F3e Driver Download

Earlier today I had to remove my headset to show something to a coworker. Meanwhile, ASUS for some reason released the version 6.

Same download, uses an older driver. Info about the driver: I don’t understand why Realtek doesn’t provide same functionality at least.

This R version only allows me to select xx aeus, Hz on the recording devices and will not allow 16 bit, Hz, so that I don’t have re-sample audio files before making audio CDs with them. I’d still be using my X-Fi Platinum while an order for a Z series would have been placed already. It was the same thing every time I installed them. If only Creative could provide as good driver support R is still the best version on my rig.


Asus Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 7 64-bit

Will Try redoing the audio driver but I have zero issues with the speakers. It provides only Side speakers for 5.

Thank you for window very helpful advise. I guess it must be a beta or alpha of some kind. And, last and probably least, here for completeness, I disable the Exclusive option for audio devices properties in the Sound Control Panel, Speakers Wsus, Advanced Tab I do it for all audio devices btw Please try those settings and see if the audio drops stop, and please come back and let us know if that worked, or if something else fixes it for you.

RighteousRami Senior Member Posts: Although as I observed, before second restart the drivers are actually installed. This is newer anyway 6.

Realtek has the best driver support. Not the best Only my headphone jack is messing up and was working fine when I disconnected the jack.


Issues With headphone jack on Asus Rog Gjy

This does not winndows for me, i have had the PC for 4 days, and it does not work. But this program may be run manually without problem and without second restart of course. On an unrelated note, on Windows 8. These steps definitely addressed my issue. Konrad Klar Junior Member Posts: Results 1 to 5 of 5.

Did you try custom driver for asus?

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Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum. Very good driver without a single problem so far. Sign In Sign Up.

Issues With headphone jack on Asus Rog Gjy. It has the same problems as R and Dolby Digital Live 5.