Any and all help will be appreciated, and let me know if I can provide any answers to any questions. Note that broadcasting is particularly inefficient when using a wireless network. It generally still needs a dmx signal to transmit so would normally be used in conjunction with either adapter above, and makes absolutely no difference to the wireless system which one you plug into it. If you spot a potential Bug please report it HERE first then you can chat about it with other users in the appropriate section. ArtNet is to heavy inload for the router. Ones that are cheaper or rely on computer to do all the work can be unstable, slow or produce flickering output. Also, is it possible to throttle the speed in the router to 10Mb as well, because if it is trying to connect at mbps, I am confident it will not work.

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I appreciate your input!

That’s it, you can now control your DMX lighting rig from anywhere, wireless. It generally still needs a dmx signal srtnet transmit so would normally be used in conjunction with either adapter above, and makes absolutely no difference to the wireless system which one you plug into it.

I’m attempting to go wireless with my lighting rig; Look like this: IP address range is Yu have t set the universe on each unit. I think wirepess it is the future to be honest. The older ones can sometimes have too much delay.


You can manually add a node by clicking the add button.

ChamSys Forum • View topic – Wireless ArtNet – Eventual Lag

Hopefully this cements my wireless setup. Select your input subnet. I only use wireless between control and stage. Didn’t understand it but the show worked – kind of – wirdless got a TON of lag click a button – many seconds later the lights would respond. The MagicQ manual doesn’t specify how to set this properly.

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What is the point in art-net? Artnet is a great alternative – if you already have a fast network in place, or srtnet run a network cable to the artnet reciever.

Believe me there is a reason why a Wireless DMX costs money. Super responsive lights – all wireless. I mention about cheapo eBay ones before, although I should admit the newer generation are much improved.

RadioGate Solid (ArtNet/sACN) – Sundrax Electronics

Linksys WAGN router working wireless arynet connect Linksys wireless router problem Two router setup, single subnet? ArtNET is already an industry standard and more and more lighting equipment will support it in the future. This is handy to send ArtNET to a custom made application or to override the information a node is automatically sending.

Lightjams automatically detects other ArtNET nodes at startup.

With art-net you can pretty much use any DMX app to control dimmers from your phone of iPad. Ps sorry if this is over simplifying.


All 16 universes of this subnet will be available as DMX input values. I’ve now tried to introduce the Linksys WRT54G router in between the computer and the fixture hard lined with ethernet cables. Well the really simplified version is.

That woreless why a goofd wireless DMX system is so expensive compared with a standard router.

RadioGate Solid (ArtNet/sACN)

Reliability or interference issues would usually be only momentary and caused by the conditions you are exposing the equipment to. Yikes – all this to wureless running one long cable – but the idea of being unteathered is pretty cool – if I can get this to work. I was controling a home made matrix curtin which was 2 uni of channels x3 as LEDs where RGB so in total there was channel over my wireless setup.

ArtNet is to heavy inload for the router.

Ask a new question. Also for permanent installs you may only need to control white wash. The reason is that broadcasting very rapidly overloads a wireless network.

You have two monitors: