The version you are about to download is a generic version and not designed to work with every device. The “Removable” option should also be set. Once these changes are made, you can reboot back into Windows 95 and have a drive letter assigned to your CD Recordable drive. You have some documentation that you need a quick copy of. Do you ever find the need to make a quick, and easy, duplicate of your CD? Once you have extracted the files you can just copy them into the appropriate locations and reboot.

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Radified: ASPI layer drivers updated with Force ASPI [ForceASPI v]

Or you can try reverting back to the old, stable v 4. All the deice terms are synonymous: If you are the owner of a 3rd party device that requires an ASPI layer to be installed in your operating system, Adaptec suggests that you contact your peripheral manufacturer for a product specific version of the ASPI layer.

Third party vendors may license this package for distribution. This will typically result in an error message, while loading Windows, similar to the following:.

If you are experiencing similar problems, try using the standard VGA driver that comes with Windows. You have some documentation that you need a quick copy of. What is a SCSI miniport?


Therefore you will not be able to make an audio backup with any CD Recorder that cannot be set to 1x. Windows 95 also allows you to use partitioned removable media.

Force ASPI

This file extracts by default to the c: Adaptec provides this software without charge and as a courtesy to Adaptec product users but offers no technical support regarding this software. Find your SCSI host adapter sdouble-click on it, and then you can determine whether or not your miniport driver is properly installed.

The ‘m’ parameter determines the mode. There is a known problem in Windows 3. If you are experiencing this problem, how you solve it depends on the SCSI host adapter you are using and whether you’re running Windows 95 or Windows NT.

INI file and adding the line:. The ASPI manager is specific to the host adapter and operating system; its primary role is to abstract the host adapter specifics and provide a generic software interface to SCSI dfvice. Adaptec’s QuickScan converts your scanner and printer combination into a photo copy machine.

Sorting out the ASPI driver mess

This can cause the adapte to not get recognized, or get incorrectly recognized, by the operating system. If you see that your disk drive’s throughput has dropped dramatically down to about the same value e.


Click on the “Properties” button. Under many configurations, steps are not required as Windows 95 may have already marked your new disk drive as an “Int 13 unit. If you want to reserve multiple drive letters for your removable media drive e.

Adaptec – Windows ASPI Package

If your device reports itself as a WORM device, then you will not be able to have a drive letter assigned to your drive. You can format your new drive, under NT, by running the “Disk Administrator” utility that ships with the operating system. Additional information on running with Windows 3. The term ‘ ASPI ‘ is an acronym that stands for: If this happens you may get it working again by fixing the registry. If you are a Windows 3. Below is additional information you may find useful: Windows 95 includes built-in support for SCSI hard drives.

SYS may fail during driver installation. If it is dated or later, you have the correct file. The following command line switches are supported: