Turn on the PC with your ear to the drive. Joined Jul 16, Messages 9, 2. Jun 22, Posts: You can probably just install on top of the current installation, so that it’ll only install the right drivers for this mainboard. A well written easy to follow guide if only id have used google first rather than yahoo.

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Everything works great — no problems. Nov 8, at 7: Wed Oct 27, 2: If I disable my EIDE windows installed drive and try installing windows on the SATA drive, I get the F6 prompt, push F6, nothing happens, and the windows installation eventually quits, saying no drive sat present on my system.

I thought it was funny…. Nov 7, at Might want to try them. I plan on updating the bios during lunch today, i would’ve done it last night, but i let my friend borrow my floppy drive and without being satw to boot to windows, i have to have it. I just enabled everything.

Cool…where do you get your parts? The only drives i’ve ever seen it list in bios is the 1 ide drive, which does me no good. I think you would be a very valuable addition to http: All I am satz to do is format my hard drive, however I cannot carry this out until I can get my computer to find my drive.


Install SATA hdd on ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard

Log in or Sign up. During OS install, if i dont do the F6 driver windows will not detect the drive. Nov 10, Posts: Bios not installed means no drive attatched to whatever controller you are trying to use thats why its giving loose cable message Dont know about asus bios but you have to put boot order from sata, disable raid, enable SATA, boot partition on drive active, correct jumpers, and put drive on correct connectors.

Scout Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Sun Oct 31, I have had some difficulties with mine, because the SATA connectors are so fucked-up. I did not, however, open the Raid Bios to see if it showed the size.

Try to disable AHCI in your bios – then the drive “should” pick up as a normal drive. Tue Nov 02, 3: Its your job to isolate the particular SATA connection you want the bios to see.


Asus A8V, problem booting from sata or seeing other sata drives | [H]ard|Forum

You have a Promise Chip a VIA chip and a VIA chipset combo When the bios routine starts it looks for a bootable device per cmos settings, going by what is preferenced if available.

Looks like I need recovery software. Joined May 22, Messages Jun 18, Posts: I had the Via floppy in A:. I would be grateful for your help.

Many drives shipped is not proberly packaged, if not in the retail boks, this means that if your drive was not, it might be DOA. Ok, the fact that you get the tab prompt for Via Raid indicates that you have the controller enabled. Aug 6, Wata What SP is xp running? I had a asus p4p and it worked fine.